Offshore Drilling? Endless Bummer.

 I was lucky enough to grow up not too far from the beach, so I've spent a good part of my life – but not nearly enough – surfing. I rode my first wave as a teenager off the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Since then I’ve enjoyed the swells off the coasts of Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, California and Hawaii – not to mention a few exotic locales like Puerto Rico and France.
Over the years I’ve transformed from a perpetually tanned shredder on a 6’ thruster to a paunchy, pasty ‘soul surfer’ on a bulky longboard. I went from a wetsuit-clad all-year surfer shooting house-high curls during hurricanes to a weekend warrior content with thigh-high chop on warm sunny days only. Some kids dreamed of growing up to be firemen, fighter pilots or football stars; I longed to be a pro-surfer, getting paid to travel the world, ride endless waves and live the laidback beach lifestyle.
Of the lucky few who fulfilled my dream, none is more famous or accomplished than Laird Hamilton – big wave rider extraordinaire. Among surfers, Laird is a living legend. And he’s not just an amazing athlete who lives by the sea and makes his living playing in it; Laird is also an environmental advocate who cares deeply about protecting the oceans. Which is why it’s great that he’s speaking out against offshore drilling – a snake oil 'solution' to rising gas prices that will do nothing but perpetuate America’s addiction to oil.

Whether or not you surf, and whether you love the beach or never bother visiting the ocean, the fact is there’s already a heckuva lot of drilling already happening offshore. But with the U.S. only having 2% of the world’s oil reserves, risking more of our precious shorelines, pristine beaches and coastal economies won’t make a dent in prices at the pump.
Totally, dude.