Texas T. and Me

He came on like a Texas tornado, after first approaching as quietly as a ninja wearing those soft-soled shoes, to take center stage as boldly as a tophat-and-tails circus ringmaster, letting his ideas gush forth like a newly tapped oil well and blowing people away with his vision for wind farms as far as the eye could see.

I didn't even know who T. Boone Pickens was, and now he's all over the place, like spaghetti on a toddler's face or a blind drunk in a demolition derby.

So many now adore this man, almost as much as the Italians once loved Mussolini for ensuring reliable train service.

Never mind, it seems, that he also espouses an English muffin oil drilling philosophy - every nook and cranny - and offers a nuke plant in every neighborhood if that's what it takes to meet our nation's energy needs.

Yes indeed, this blustery yet charming old cowboy from the dusty plains is America's newest J.R. Ewing - love him or hate him, by golly he's fun to watch. Everyone's tuning in to see what he does next.

I just want to know what the 'T.' stands for.

I also wonder whether winning this silly contest is worth the risk of ticking off a billionaire oil tycoon with a Texas-sized temper and time on his hands.