PJM Testifies at Ohio Energy Committee Hearing

Last month, the Ohio Energy Mandates Study Committee received testimony from PJM, the regional authority that ensures reliable and low-cost power across the electric grid in 14 states, including Ohio. Earlier this month PJM released its economic analysis of the EPA's Clean Power Plan (CPP) offering remarkable state-level insights making the case for doubling down on policies that support energy efficiency and renewable energy. Some highlights from the report find:

  • Regional collaboration with neighboring states can lower costs and improve electricity system flexibility.
  • Relying on clean energy to reduce emissions is the most efficient and cheapest strategy for Ohio.

The committee meeting took place just two days after the third stop of the Ohio's Energy Future tour in Dayton on March 16. Hundreds of Ohioans have joined with businesses, trade organizations and local elected officials to attend these events and voice their support for a transition to a clean energy economy that will reduce costs, save money and create jobs.

The following is a statement by Samantha Williams, NRDC staff attorney:

"PJM's analysis and support from Ohioans across the state leave no doubt that we should be looking for ways to grow clean energy across Ohio.

"With the mounting evidence showing energy efficiency and renewable energy is the best path forward in Ohio, we hope this will encourage committee members to rethink the freeze and get Ohio back on course."

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