NY’s Impressive Energy Efficiency & Heat Pump Order, cont.

Illustration of what a heat pump is
Credit: Jessica Russo, NRDC

Now that the dust has settled since last month when the New York Public Service Commission issued its important and impressive Order Authorizing Utility Energy Efficiency and Building Electrification Portfolios Through 2025, that we discussed here, there have been some useful new analyses.

Synapse Energy Economics has published a brief, Utility Energy Efficiency and Building Electrification Portfolios Through 2025, that provides an excellent summary and overview of the order.

The Energy Efficiency for All – New York coalition, that NRDC is a member of, also has a great blog post.

And for more on heat pumps and efficient building electrification, please see blogs from Pierre Delforge and Merrian Borgeson on how heat pumps can slash emissions from homes, how heat pump water heaters will be instrumental in meeting climate goals, and from Alexis Cureton on how to electrify equitably.

Credit: NREL

NRDC, with a broad array of partners, will continue to advocate for all cost effective investments in heat pumps and efficiency in New York; the cheapest, fastest way to achieve our nation-leading climate goals.