Broad Coalition Launches New Ads for Bristol Bay Protection

Diverse stakeholder groups roll out new TV, print, and digital campaign calling on the permanent protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska from the Pebble Mine.

The Bristol Bay Defense Fund—a broad coalition of local, state and national groups representing Bristol Bay Tribes, commercial fishermen, businesses, and conservation nonprofit organizations—launched a new media campaign this week urging EPA to use its Clean Water Act authority to permanently protect Bristol Bay, Alaska from the ongoing threat of the Pebble Mine —a giant gold and copper mine proposed at the headwaters of the world’s greatest wild salmon fishery.

This multi-week television, print, and digital media campaign—which includes ad buys in both Alaska and Washington, DC—reminds EPA that there are “66 Million Reasons to Veto Pebble Mine.”

Credit: Broad-based coalition rolls out new TV, print and digital campaign calling on the permanent protection of Bristol Bay, Alaska from the Pebble Mine.

The ads state:

EPA has the power to provide immediate protections for this critical watershed and kill Pebble Mine for good by this summer’s fishing season.

The new ads build on past media campaigns urging the Biden administration and EPA to finalize 404(c) Clean Water Act protections and to “finish the job” of protecting Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine by the 2022 fishing season.

In addition, the television ad—produced by BBDF in collaboration with United Tribes of Bristol Bay and Bristol Bay Action Now, a new 501(c)(4) initiative supporting the Indigenous people of Bristol Bay calling on EPA and Congress to protect Bristol Bay—highlights the broad support across Alaska for a dual-track approach to protecting Bristol Bay through both a Clean Water Act veto and federal legislation.

Bristol Bay Action Now also released recent polling in Alaska confirming the overwhelming opposition to the Pebble Mine and broad support for federal action.

That poll, conducted by research firm Moore Information Group, found:

  • 64% of Alaskans oppose Pebble Mine, including an intense 50% of Alaskans who are strongly opposed to Pebble Mine (compared to only 12% who strongly support it).
  • 66% support action by the EPA to protect Bristol Bay.
  • 62% support a dual-track approach to protect Bristol Bay that uses the Clean Water Act and legislation.

It’s clear the public supports EPA action to stop the Pebble Mine and permanently protect Bristol Bay. Both President Biden and EPA Administrator Regan have committed to doing so.

The time for EPA to act is NOW. Make your voice heard.

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