Pebble Partnership CEO Says "It's Really About People" - and He's Right

It's Really About People.jpg

Pebble Limited Partnership CEO John Shively is speaking today at the Alaska Resource Development Council’s annual conference in Anchorage to promote a proposed open-pit gold and copper mine that would generate 10 billion tons of mining waste. The tagline? "It's Really About People." 

It's clear that the overwhelming majority of people in Bristol Bay do not want an open-pit mine built on the headwaters of a $1.5 billion per year commercial salmon fishery, which sustains 14,000 jobs. Polls show that 85 percent of commercial fishermen in Bristol Bay, 81 percent of the Bristol Bay Native Corp.'s native shareholders, and 80 percent of Bristol Bay residents oppose Pebble Mine.

The Pebble Partnership's most recent PR move, which comes hot on the heels of Anglo America's recent decision to withdraw funding from the project, is simply putting lipstick on a pig.  Pebble Mine is a disaster waiting to happen—and it's also a bad investment wrought with environmental, social, regulatory, reputational, operational and legal risks.  Nothing said at today's RDC meeting will change that. 

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