NO on Prop. 26: A Bad Idea for California

102010 SF Chiu.jpg

It seems like everyone and their sister is opposed to Proposition 26.  The American Lung Association in California, American Cancer Society, Sierra Club, NRDC, police officers, firefighters, teachers, and the League of Women Voters all urge their members to vote NO on 26.  These groups oppose Prop 26 because it would eliminate the ability of a majority of the legislature to enact fees on industries that pollute our air and water and endanger our health.  Prop 26 would make it harder to hold polluters accountable for the harm caused by their activity.  But Prop 26 goes farther – it also dictates what local governments should do by requiring cities and counties to run costly elections and win a two-thirds majority every time they want to enact a fee.  Prop 26 would cripple local government and hurt local communities, which is why the League of Cities and the State Association of Counties also urge a NO vote. 

It makes me wonder, who likes this initiative?  The answer lies in who is funding the campaign.  Big oil, big tobacco and big alcohol are spending millions on deceptive advertising to try to convince voters that 26 will protect them from “hidden taxes.” But independent analysis shows that it would actually cost taxpayers at least a billion dollars annually. 

California is the only state that does not allow the Legislature or initiative proponents to repeal or amend a ballot measure.  Therefore, if this measure passes, any disastrous impacts on children’s health and our environment would be locked in until and unless 26 is revised by another vote of the people.  Let’s not let it come to that.  Help NRDC beat the Polluter Protection Act by voting NO on Prop 26.    


Photo:  San Francisco Supervisor David Chiu discusses how Prop 26 hurts communities