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You can’t make great beer without clean water. Join the Brewers for Clean Water campaign.

Not only is clean water critical for our health and our economy—it’s essential to making a great-tasting pint. That’s why more than 100 breweries have joined NRDC’s fight to protect the Clean Water Act. Brewers for Clean Water (BFCW) advocate for measures that safeguard their water sources from upstream pollution and keep waterways clean for their downstream neighbors.

Brewers for Clean Water members include craft breweries from all over the United States. By participating in the BFCW campaign, members have the opportunity to support smart, responsible policies and speak directly to lawmakers, the media, and their customers about the importance of clean water for good beer.


Brewery partners have joined the BFCW initiative so far.


The amount of water in an average beer—which is why water’s pH and mineral content play such important roles in a beer’s quality.


Amount the craft brewing industry contributes to the U.S. economy each year, along with 456,000 jobs.

One major fight of the BFCW campaign is to save the Clean Water Rule, which clarifies the scope of the 1972 Clean Water Act and protects vulnerable waterways from pollution and destruction. Brewers for Clean Water members were instrumental in persuading the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt this important rule. Now they’re working hard against efforts to weaken protections.



Weakened Water Protections Will Hurt Beer

Craft breweries from across the country are joining NRDC to oppose the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed Dirty Water Rule. Clean water is essential for great-tasting beer, and this rollback would weaken protections for critically important waterways and threaten important watersheds. A public comment period is open now—add your voice to help keep our water clean. Take action:

Posted by NRDC on Friday, February 22, 2019

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