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This blog was a collaboration with a host of amazing colleagues. 

The United Nations (UN) released another alarming report about our planet and the harmful causes hurting our ecosystems. After the recent UN IPCC report, this will be the second report reminding all of us that change must happen to protect our planet.

According to the United Nations, “an estimated 795 million people suffer from hunger and 1.2 billion live in water-stressed areas.” And as many scientists around the world have stated, “the only way we can meet these demands is by managing our ecosystems smartly and sustainably.” The new report points to human activities “threaten more species now than ever before.”

Biodiversity protection and effective action on climate change are not mutually exclusive. The interconnection between fighting climate change and protecting our ecosystems are even more dependent on each other to survive.   

And We, YES...You, Me, Us can all do something about it before everything is destroyed. 

We wanted to share actions we are taking to help stop the devastation. Whether it is supporting our communities, empowering each other to reduce our carbon footprint, or inspiring political action, we realize change comes from working together. 

Here are some ideas (and linked blogs embedded in icons) to inspire and implement change:

Every little positive action to fight climate change adds up to be one big piece of the solution. We can do this together! 

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Jessica Russo

Program Assistant, Climate & Clean Energy Program

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