Govs. Murphy and Cuomo: Block the Williams Pipeline

An Atlantic sturgeon

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Pressure is building for New Jersey and New York State to block a controversial fracked gas pipeline known as the Northeast Supply Enhancement, or Williams, pipeline. NRDC sent comments yesterday to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Conservation, urging them to deny a necessary certification to the pipeline. But we still need your help to stop it.

Giant fossil fuel company Williams is proposing to build the new fracked gas pipeline from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, through Middlesex and Monmouth Counties in New Jersey, to the Rockaways in New York City. The offshore segment of the pipeline is proposed to be built by digging a trench straight through the ecologically significant Raritan Bay, Lower New York Bay, and Atlantic Ocean. 

The NESE pipeline proposal is dangerous for many reasons. First, this pipeline would make us even more dependent on the dirty fossil fuels of the past instead of clean energy resources we need to fight climate change. Second, it would also pollute some of our most important waterbodies, injuring the diverse variety of aquatic species that call New York Harbor home.  Williams has admitted that construction of the pipeline will kick up sediment that contain toxic heavy metals—like copper and mercury—at levels that will exceed both New York and New Jersey limits for these dangerous contaminants. They have also acknowledged that endangered species like the Atlantic sturgeon would be harmed during construction.  

The Williams pipeline will put the safety of our waterways and marine life at risk—but both New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have the power to stop it. They simply need to deny water quality certification to the pipeline in accordance with section 401 of the Clean Water Act. A denial from either governor has the effect of vetoing the entire pipeline. 

Now is the time for us to stand strong together and oppose this dangerous fossil fuel project that puts the health of our communities and marine life at risk. With Williams lobbyists pushing New York decision makers hard on this proposed pipeline, there’s no time to lose to make our voices heard.

Make sure Governors Murphy and Cuomo know that you don’t want the safety of our waterways or marine life threatened by the construction of a fracked gas pipeline: Send a message to them now urging them to block the Williams pipeline.

Email NY Governor Cuomo here.
Email NJ Governor Murphy here.

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Senior Attorney, NY Regional, Healthy People & Thriving Communities Program

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