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Scott Pruitt is waging an all-out assault on our environment and health. So we’re leading the fight to stop him.

As President Trump’s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Pruitt is turning the EPA’s mission on its head. Instead of protecting the health of our families and environment, he’s pushing a full-on pro-polluter agenda, from stalling toxic chemical bans to attacking the Clean Water Rule to delaying clean air standards. He’s even gone so far as to insinuate that climate change is a good thing.

As Oklahoma attorney general, Pruitt sued the agency he’s now in charge of 14 times to block air and water safeguards, but he isn’t the only one with courtroom experience. NRDC has successfully sued against Pruitt’s rollbacks, including his withdrawal of a rule to protect Americans from five million tons of toxic mercury and his attempt to eliminate safeguards against methane pollution from oil and gas operations.

Yet Pruitt continues to sabotage the EPA, putting millions of Americans at risk. But enough is enough: It’s time for the White House and Congress to demand that President Trump fire Scott Pruitt now.

Demand that Scott Pruitt be fired now

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