Our Sustainability

NRDC’s seven physical offices reflect our commitment to safeguarding and restoring our planet. Our Facilities team has set an ambitious bar for the sustainability and resilience of our buildings’ ecosystems.

The numbers are proof that our efforts are making a difference. We’ve grown in both number of employees and square footage in the past five years, yet we’ve consistently decreased our impact. Since FY 2012, we’ve reduced our building emissions by 42 percent overall. That is no easy feat given that our offices are located in major metropolitan areas.

NRDC offsets all carbon emissions annually by purchasing carbon allowances through the California Cap-and-Trade Program and by directly supporting the creation of renewable energy projects. NRDC offsets all water use annually by purchasing water credits through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

NRDC’s sustainability strategy is laid out in a Sustainable Operations Plan that illustrates our environmental impact goals and the various ways we plan to achieve them through our office operation and staff engagement.

View our current Sustainable Operations Plan

Download the FY2012–14 Sustainability Plan

For more information, contact our sustainability experts.