Bee Loss Threatens Global Food Supply, Says U.N. Report

CHICAGO, IL (February 26, 2016) – A United Nations assessment of the current state of pollinators finds troubling news for bees, butterflies, bats, and other creatures responsible for pollinating our food supply, as many species are facing extinction. Under threat from widespread pesticide use, habitat loss, and even climate change, the loss of bees and other pollinators would cause catastrophic harm to the global food chain.

Following is a statement from Rebecca Riley, Senior Attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The report confirms a simple truth: pollinators like bees and butterflies are in trouble, and that puts billions of dollars of our global food supply at risk. After all, one in three bites of food in the American diet are pollinated by bees, so we can’t ignore the impact. The good news is that this is a problem that we can solve. The United States should take swift and decisive action to increase wildflower and grassland habitat and decrease pesticide use.”

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