California Climate Plan is "Irreversible Momentum" in Fight Against Global Warming, Says NRDC

Global Warming Solutions Called Economic Stimulus Plan to Create Jobs and Growth; Statement of Audrey Chang, NRDC California Climate Program Director
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 15, 2008) – The California Air Resources Board today released its final proposed “scoping plan” to implement the state’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act, which requires the state to reduce its global warming pollution to 1990 levels by 2020. The next step is public review and comment at the full board hearings in November and December. Today’s action shows California is making steady progress toward solving the world’s most pressing environmental problem by building a clean energy economy, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
Following is a statement by Audrey Chang, NRDC California Climate Program Director
“The plan released today by the California Air Resources Board shows irreversible momentum in the fight against global warming. This is more than a pollution reduction plan; it’s an economic stimulus plan. It’s more important than ever during these uncertain times to make investments in clean energy solutions that will stimulate innovation, new businesses and job creation.
“Not only is California making progress, so are other states. In the last month, eight states (including California) and four Canadian provinces released their plans to create a regional cap and trade system as part of the Western Climate Initiative, and six Northeastern states held their first auction to cut heat-trapping pollution from power plants as part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.
“California is ahead of the curve, putting forward a comprehensive, binding statewide plan that uses a mix of policy tools to curb global warming throughout all sectors of our economy – from the industrial sector to the land use sector and more.  With the recent enactment of SB 375 CARB now has a new tool to reduce emissions in the land use sector, and we urge the full board to strengthen the plan by increasing the reductions that can be achieved in this sector. We simply can’t afford another 10 years of business as usual land use planning. 
“This growing wave of state and regional action shows there is no looking back. Further action at the national level is necessary and inevitable: the era of dirty fossil fuels is drawing to a close. The clean energy economy is right around the corner. Not only will energy efficiency and clean renewable energy protect our planet and the health and safety of billions of people – not to mention ecosystems and wildlife – they will launch new jobs, businesses and prosperity here at home in California and around the world. Once again, California is leading the way.”