California Voters Speak Out for the Environment: Pass Prop 99, Reject Prop 98

Statement of Victoria Rome, Deputy Director of NRDC’s California Advocacy Program
SAN FRANCISCO (June 4, 2008) – Voters spoke loud and clear on two competing eminent domain ballot measures in yesterday’s California primary election, defeating Proposition 98 and approving Proposition 99. With all precincts reporting, Proposition 98 lost by a margin of 61 percent NO to 39 percent YES.  Proposition 99 was approved with 62.5 percent YES and 37.5 percent NO. 
Following is a statement by Victoria Rome, Deputy Director of the California Advocacy Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):
“We are thrilled that the voters wisely defeated Proposition 98, a deceptive, destructive initiative that would have harmed the environment, renters and our communities under the guise of eminent domain reform.  
“Also by approving Proposition 99, Californians have enacted straightforward eminent domain reform that protects homeowners while leaving our environmental protections intact. We hope this victory will put an end to deceitful initiatives like Prop 98 and its predecessor Prop 90 in 2006.” 
Prop 98 & 99 election results can be viewed at: