The Clean Power Plan: An Idea that will Change the World

WASHINGTON (August 3, 2015) -- The Clean Power Plan announced today by President Obama is a game-changer -- the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

The following is a statement by Rhea Suh, president, of the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“It’s a simple idea that will change the world: Cut carbon pollution today so our kids won’t inherit climate chaos tomorrow. That’s what this historic plan will achieve.

“It also means that we’ll all soon start breathing a little easier. The Clean Power Plan will slash the pollution that worsens smog and intensifies cases of asthma and other respiratory diseases. It’s protecting our health and homes, our lives and livelihoods.

“I am proud of the work NRDC has done to help make that happen. Now we are going to fight with everything we’ve got to ensure the plan moves forward and provides the necessary momentum for unified global action.”

NRDC’s “Clean Power: The Case for Carbon Pollution Limits” Resource Book is here:


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