Environmental Groups Fight Attempt to Repeal Crucial Climate Provision from 2007 U.S. Energy Bill

WASHINGTON (May 8, 2008) – Today, the Natural Resources Defense Council and 26 other U.S. and Canadian environmental groups sent a letter to the Senate and House urging preservation of Section 526 of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA). Section 526 prohibits the Federal purchase of dirty fuels (such as liquid coal, tar sands and oil shale) whose lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions are higher than conventional fuels.
The letter urges Members to oppose amendments to the 2008 National Defense Authorization Bill that would repeal Section 526.
The following is a portion of the letter:
“Section 526 protects our nation’s national security interests. High-ranking military officials have already warned Congress that global warming is a serious national security threat. Any steps taken by the federal government to address our dependence on oil must not exacerbate the very real national security risks posed by global warming. In this regard, Section 526 serves an important national security purpose. Production of unconventional fuels, such as liquid coal, tar sands and oil shale emit more than twice the global warming pollution per barrel as conventional oil at a time when we must be reducing our global warming pollution.”
To see the letter, please see www.stopdirtyfuels.org.