EPA Leaves Unsafe Health Standard for Soot Emissions in Place

WASHINGTON  – The Trump Environmental Protection Agency today issued a final rule for soot pollution that leaves federal limits untouched, passing on the opportunity to save thousands of lives from pollution that harms the lungs and makes it harder to survive Covid-19. 

John Walke, Clean Air Director at NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), made the following comment:

“In its waning days, the Trump administration is still letting polluters off scot free and leaving the rest of us to keep breathing the industry’s deadly pollution—even in the midst of  a respiratory pandemic. This administration could have strengthened the limits on soot to protect our lungs and give people at the highest risk of dying from Covid-19 a better chance at fighting off this virus. But it chose not to—leaving the health of tens of millions of Americans at risk.

“Today’s reckless decision can and should be swiftly undone by the incoming administration. Fortunately, the incoming administration has signaled it will make restoring the EPA’s mission to protect people over polluters a top priority. It’s time polluters stopped making us sick.”


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