Exide settles with California Department of Toxic Substances Control

Agreement Establishes a Cleanup Fund for Homes Near the Vernon Battery Plant and Allows Final Permitting Process to Commence

LOS ANGELES (November 6, 2014) — Exide Technologies, Inc. today announced a settlement agreement that will allow the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) to begin review of Exide’s hazardous waste permit application.

The settlement, which is subject to bankruptcy court approval, requires that Exide put $9 million into a trust fund to pay for residential cleanup and corrective action at up to 215 nearby homes over the next five years, and requires further study to assess what additional cleanup is needed. The agreement does not commit the DTSC to granting Exide a final hazardous waste permit.

Following is a statement by NRDC attorney Ramya Sivasubramanian:

“We’ve said all along that Exide made this mess and should pay to clean it up. If the settlement is successful, it will help make sure that Exide – and not taxpayers – is held responsible for fully cleaning up the contamination it caused.

“We want to see a full cleanup happen in the speediest way possible, so people can feel safe in their homes, schools and communities.”


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