False Answer To Pain At The Pump: Higher Prices and More Polluter Giveaways, Roadblocks to Clean Energy

WASHINGTON (July 23, 2008) -- Today dirty fuel leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are taking advantage of America’s pain at the gas pump to try to create more corporate giveaways for the filthiest, most dangerous and expensive sources of energy, according to experts at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).
The following is a statement by Wesley Warren, director of programs at NRDC:
“This backward proposal attempts to block America’s path to a better energy future, where smart use of renewable energy would free us from the choke-hold of the oil companies. Rather than provide leadership toward the better way of fueling America, this bill would take what little Americans have left in their wallets and hand it over to some of the nation’s worst polluters.
“$4.00 gas is what we have to show for America’s broken energy policy. What this proposal proves is that the energy industry’s allies in Congress don’t actually intend to lower gas prices; all they want is to shovel even more tax dollars into the trough the special interests have been feasting at for almost eight years.”