House Joins Senate in Voting to Repeal the Clean Power Plan

NRDC: Another GOP Exercise in Futility

WASHINGTON (December 1, 2015) -- The Republican-controlled House of Representatives today passed two resolutions to repeal the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan, which sets first-ever limits on carbon pollution from our power plants – the most effective available tool to combat climate change.

The following is a statement by David Doniger, director of the Climate and Clean Air Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“With nearly 200 countries meeting in Paris to mount an historic global effort to combat climate change, these votes underscore just how much the Republican Party has isolated itself from international and domestic public opinion.

“The votes also point up the sad fact that the GOP leadership has no plan to address dangerous carbon pollution -- the central environmental challenge of our time. These resolutions face a certain veto by President Obama. And the Republican majorities in either chamber lacks the votes to override that veto.

“Protecting our health, our planet and the future of all our children should not be a partisan issue.” 

The Senate passed the identical resolutions on Nov. 17, but the tally fell far short of the number required to override a promised presidential veto. In that vote, 43 Democrats and three Republicans supported the Clean Power Plan.


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