Kirk Siding With Polluters On Vote to Dismantle Clean Power Plan

CHICAGO (October 28, 2015) – Despite the vast majority of Illinoisans who demand action on climate change, POLITICO is reporting that Senator Mark Kirk has decided to side with polluters by announcing he will vote to repeal the Clean Power Plan. The historic effort to slash carbon pollution from power plants, the single largest source of CO2 pollution, would help shield communities from the destructive health and economic impacts of climate change.

Following is a comment from Henry Henderson, Midwest Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“This would be a vote to defend polluters, out of line with the wishes of the people he was sent to Washington to represent.

“Senator Kirk is quick to claim environmental credentials, but this vote would move in the opposite direction. Standing in the way of historic and necessary carbon pollution protections is no way to show leadership in the face of this dire problem. Climate change is a direct threat to Illinois’ economy, the Great Lakes and America’s military—three issues he purports to hold dear.”

More info on Illinoisans’ attitudes toward climate change can be found at

Henderson blogged earlier this week on the CRA issue and Senator Kirk’s recent climate votes at

A reminder of climate change impacts already visible in Chicago at


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