Low-lights: Bush's Environmental Legacy

New Timeline Captures the Biggest Blunders of the Bush Years

Washington (January 6, 2009) – With less than three weeks left of the Bush presidency, a new analysis of the administration’s environmental legacy confirms what many experts have been predicting: The last eight years will go down as one of the worst periods in history for America’s environment.
In recent weeks, experts from the Natural Resources Defense Council culled through eight years of policies and actions under the Bush administration to create a dynamic, online timeline that highlights the government’s systematic undermining of environmental protections.  During this time, America has witnessed the federal government’s willful neglect of protections for the air, land, water, public health, and the climate, as President Bush put cronyism above experience, corporate interests over science, and profits before natural heritage.
“Eight years of environmental abuse is finally coming to its bitter end, but its impact will take years to overcome,” said Karen Wayland, legislative director for NRDC. “In November, Americans sent a clear message that they’re ready for a new direction. The Obama administration will have a lot of work ahead of it to restore environmental protections that ensure safety for people, endangered species and our national treasures.”
The interactive timeline creates a living record of the Bush years, including sections for user comments, maps and others interactive tools.