Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Announces Process for Tackling Carbon Pollution Under the Clean Power Plan

CHICAGO (September 1, 2015) –Governor Rick Snyder’s administration announced today that Michigan would develop a state implementation plan to achieve carbon pollution reductions set by the federal Clean Power Plan.

Following is a comment from Henry Henderson, Midwest Program Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“Governor Snyder is demonstrating much-needed leadership on clean energy for Michigan, the Midwest, and the nation. Creating a plan to reduce dangerous carbon emissions is a common-sense step other governors interested in protecting their states’ economies and health will surely follow. Given the high stakes for our kids’ future, Governor Snyder is doing the right thing.”



Additional Resources:

NRDC’s fact sheet, “Michigan’s Pathway to Cutting Carbon Pollution,” is here: http://www.nrdc.org/air/clean-power-plan/files/CPP-Michigan-Compliance-IB.pdf

“Tackling Climate Change Across Party Lines Works for America” by Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Director of Programs at NRDC, is here: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/sclefkowitz/tackling_climate_change_across.html

For more information about the Clean Power Plan, see the NRDC resource manual, Clean Power: the Case for Carbon Pollution Limits, which provides an overview on the issue and bolsters the case for strong action on climate change. 





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