‘Misguided’ Arctic Drilling Permit Approval has ‘Lit Fuse’ on Disaster for Pristine Ocean, Climate

WASHINGTON (July 22, 2015) – Shell was granted federal permits today that clear the way for the oil company to begin drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Following is a statement from Franz Matzner, director of NRDC’s Beyond Oil Initiative:

“Shell shouldn’t be drilling in the Arctic, and neither should anybody else. President Obama's misguided decision to let Shell drill has lit the fuse on a disaster for our last pristine ocean and for our climate. Fortunately, Big Oil faces a long road before commercial production of Arctic Ocean oil begins. Any plan to combat climate change over the long term must reverse course in the Arctic now.”

NRDC President Rhea Suh wrote on why we need to stop Shell here and you can read Franz Matzner's blogs on Arctic drilling here.

For a background memo that describes the risks Arctic Ocean drilling poses to Alaska’s coastal environment and to our climate, or to speak with NRDC experts, please contact NRDC Press Secretary Jeff Benzak at jbenzak@nrdc.org.


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