Nation’s Utility Commissioners United on Power Plant Carbon Pollution

WASHINGTON (November  20, 2013) – The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners approved a key resolution today addressing work by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to develop federal standards limiting carbon pollution from existing power plants.

Ralph Cavanagh, Co-Director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Energy Program, made this comment:

“The nation’s utility commissioners are to be commended. They have shown they are ready work with the EPA to end the unlimited dumping of carbon pollution from power plants into our air. Reducing this pollution is the key to protecting future generations from dangerous climate disruption.

“NRDC agrees with NARUC that a strong partnership between EPA and the states will be required to develop flexible, cost-effective approaches to achieving urgently needed emissions reductions.  We look forward to working with state regulators across the nation on achieving the resolution’s objectives. 

“The NARUC resolution appropriately asks EPA to recognize state programs that have already reduced emissions; to give states flexibility to meet new carbon pollution standards; and to empower states and utility regulators to help design the best ways to reduce carbon pollution from power plants in their states. Finally, NARUC rightly highlights contributions states continue making toward climate solutions with incentives promoting energy efficiency, renewable energy and other approaches that deliver both economic and environmental benefits.”