New EPA Rules Important Step for Large-Scale Carbon Capture Safeguards, Says NRDC

WASHINGTON (November 22, 2010) -- The Environmental Protection Agency today finalized rules governing the capture and sequestration of carbon dioxide.

David G. Hawkins, director of climate programs at the Natural Resources Defense Council, issued the following statement:

"Today's published rules are needed to assure that large-scale carbon dioxide capture and sequestration (CCS) projects are carefully designed and safely operated.

“Operators now know their exact permit requirements and what is expected of them as their projects move forward. These rules aim to ensure that geologic sequestration is done safely in a manner that protects the climate, groundwater and public health.

“We will review these extensive new rules closely, as some issues may still remain unresolved, including whether the rules are sufficient to demonstrate permanent sequestration in enhanced oil recovery operations. But we are now one step closer to creating a system that will help assure that these projects are safe and effective.”