New Jersey Settles for Fraction of Damages Originally Sought from Exxon Over Contamination

TRENTON, N.J. (April 6, 2015) – The State of New Jersey and ExxonMobil today released the details of a proposed settlement over damages due for decades of soil and groundwater contamination across more than 1,500 acres of wetlands, marshes, meadows, and waters in the northern part of the state.

The state initially argued that ExxonMobil owed the state $8.9 billion in damages, but is settling for $225 million.

A statement follows from Mitch Bernard, Director of Litigation at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“This looks very bad for the people of New Jersey. There’s nothing in this settlement that eases our concerns that this deal is in the best interest of a multi-billion-dollar oil giant, not the citizens of the state. It remains unclear why the state has accepted pennies on the dollar from what it originally argued was due for dangerous pollution that has plagued northern New Jersey communities for decades. Governor Christie should not let Exxon off the hook for the damages it rightfully owes and can well afford to pay.”


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