New Legislative Package Announced to Protect Californians from Air Pollution, Health Impacts of Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Leak

NORTHRIDGE (January 11, 2016) –  Senators Kevin de León and Fran Pavley announced a package of new legislation that builds on Gov. Brown’s state of emergency declaration to ensure protections for Californians impacted by the natural gas leak in Porter Ranch. 

The new legislation will require: 

  • a moratorium on new injections into the Aliso Canyon  storage facility until experts determine it is safe to resume and a study to see whether it makes sense to continue using the facility. (SB 875)
  • that response costs – such as greenhouse gas mitigation, relocation, and emergency response costs – will be funded by the Gas Company shareholders, not the ratepayers who are suffering from this disaster. (SB 876)
  • stronger laws regulating gas storage facilities, including increased inspections and health and safety measures. (SB 877)
  • setting state climate pollution reduction targets and holding polluters accountable for meeting those targets. (SB 878)

Following is a statement by Damon Nagami, director of NRDC’s Southern California Ecosystems Project:

“We don’t have a moment to lose when it comes to addressing the ugly mess that’s happening in Porter Ranch. Californians need strong, immediate state action and today’s announcement by Senators de León and Pavley to keep the Aliso Canyon facility shut down until it’s safe is the show of leadership our communities need.

“Locally, these measures will help to keep the community safe. Statewide, regulation of all gas storage facilities will be strengthened and we'll see significant reductions in short-lived climate pollutants such as methane and black carbon.”



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