New Obama Executive Order Promotes Industrial Energy Efficiency

NRDC: This Will Benefit Businesses, Create Jobs and Cut Pollution

WASHINGTON (Aug. 30, 2012) --- President Obama’s executive order to promote industrial energy efficiency, announced today, is smart policy that will benefit businesses, create jobs and reduce pollution.

The following is a statement from Kit Kennedy, Clean Energy Counsel at the Natural Resources Defense Counsel:

“Investing in industrial energy efficiency is a low-cost approach to meeting energy and electricity needs. It will enhance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness by $100 billion or more in energy costs over the next decade—while increasing the reliability and security of our power grids.

“Tapping into the vast amounts of wasted heat from industrial processes to produce on-site electricity also will create long-term jobs and keep additional ones here in America.

“And this executive order will lead to significantly lowered industrial carbon pollution. That’s good for our health--and the health of our planet.”