New Yorkers Voted for a Cleaner, Safer Future

ALBANY, N.Y. – New York voters yesterday elected environmental advocates up and down the ballot, and made clear that scaling-up clean energy, protecting our drinking water and air, and taking action on climate are top priorities.  

Following is a statement from NRDC New York Political Director, Rich Schrader:

 “Elections are a statement of values, and New Yorkers proudly defended environmental values at the polls. From every vantage point, Albany is better positioned to tackle the state’s most urgent needs and act decisively to protect New Yorkers from the reckless reversal of federal climate policy. 

 “In the face of the Trump administration’s escalating assault on our environment – and a new U.N. report urging swift, bold climate action – upholding New York’s storied legacy of environmental leadership is more important than ever before.  

 “With strong partners in Albany, New York looks poised to do just that – lead on climate by scaling-up clean energy jobs and accelerating efficiency, safeguard our drinking water from harmful pollutants, prevent offshore drilling and protect the health of our ocean and shores, and ensure our open spaces remain vital community treasures for generations.

 “Above all, New York is united in a common vision of a cleaner, safer future for all of our children.”


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