NRDC, Allies Urge Supreme Court to Deny Industry’s Bid to Block Carbon Pollution Limits

WASHINGTON (February 4, 2016) -- The Natural Resources Defense Council today urged the U.S. Supreme Court to deny a coal industry request to block President Obama's Clean Power Plan, saying the industry’s assertions of irreparable harm have no substance.

The following is a statement by David Doniger, director of NRDC's climate and clean air program.

“This desperate attempt by the coal industry and its political allies to obstruct limits on carbon pollution from power plants is nothing new. And it lays bare their brazen disregard for public health and the health of our endangered planet.

“The request for a stay has no basis in fact and should be denied, and that’s exactly what the federal appellate court in Washington did two weeks ago.

“Ultimately, we believe we will prevail in this case on its legal merits, which is that the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to issue first-ever restrictions on carbon pollution from power plants, the primary driver of dangerous climate change.”

In a group of filings today as intervenors, NRDC is joined by 18 states and more than two dozen power companies, clean-energy associations, and public health and environmental groups.

The filing to the U.S. Supreme Court by NRDC and several partners is here:

Also today, David Doniger and legal experts from Environmental Defense Fund, Earthjustice and Sierra Club held a telephone-based press conference on why the stay request should be denied. An audio recording is available here:

Read more about this case at Doniger’s blog:

And NRDC’s resource book about the Clean Power Plan is here:


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