NRDC Launches Ad Campaign to Thank Clean Power Plan Supporters in Senate

WASHINGTON (December 3, 2015) -- The Natural Resources Defense Council has launched a six-figure digital and newspaper ad campaign to thank three key Senate Democrats for voting last month to defend the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan against Republican attack.

The senators are Michael Bennet of Colorado, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Mark Warner of Virginia.

They joined 40 other Democrats, as well as three Republicans, in opposing two GOP leadership-sponsored resolutions to repeal the Clean Power Plan, which set the first-ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants -- our best available tool to combat climate change.

“We want to publicly thank these three senators for voting to defend public health and protect our planet by standing up to big polluters,'' said Pete Altman, NRDC's Climate and Clean Air campaign director.

 “Polluters in these senators’ home states have been particularly strident in their opposition to the Clean Power Plan, but Sens. Bennet, Casey and Warner chose to side with their constituents by voting to allow the historic limits on dangerous carbon pollution to go forward.”

On Tuesday, the GOP-controlled House also voted to repeal the Clean Power Plan, joining the Republican-dominated Senate, which approved identical resolutions on Nov. 17. These votes are all but meaningless, however, because President Obama has promised in no uncertain terms to veto the measures, and neither chamber has the necessary votes to override his veto.

“The continuing attacks led by the congressional Republican leadership point up its utter lack of a plan to deal with climate change. Coming as the community of nations is mounting an unprecedented global effort in Paris to combat climate change, the GOP leadership continues to isolate itself from international and domestic public opinion,” said Altman. “Meanwhile, the Clean Power Plan is moving forward.’’

For more information about the ads, see Pete Altman’s latest blog:

NRDC’s resource book about the Clean Power Plan is here:


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