NRDC Looks Ahead to Repowering America with President-Elect Obama

NEW YORK, NY (November 4, 2008) – Frances Beinecke, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), today released the following statement on President-elect Obama’s election victory:
“The election of Barack Obama represents a new day for environmentalists. His election brings an end to eight years of unrelenting assaults on the environment.
“Barack Obama’s election is a victory for everyone who wants new solutions that will repower, refuel, and rebuild America. Through a comprehensive approach, we can create clean energy, cut our dependence on oil and create millions of new jobs. From taking on global warming to advancing clean energy, President-elect Obama has sent a clear message that he will make progress on the environmental and energy challenges that our nation faces today.
“The president-elect will face many immediate challenges, but we will encourage him to capitalize on our country's resourcefulness and ingenuity, turning our nation's unprecedented problems into real opportunities. Americans are struggling, but they chose a leader who can guide us to a better future by investing in clean energy, restoring our nation’s transportation and infrastructure, and revitalizing our economy. All of this will move us off dirty fuels and address the climate crisis.
“Our staff and members are ready to work with President-elect Obama and the new Congress to advance his ‘New Energy for America Plan,’ which includes creating five million clean technology jobs, putting a million hybrid cars on the road, and capping carbon emissions.
“Now is the time to refocus our attention on the environment by protecting our precious wilderness; reviving our oceans; and eliminating dangerous chemicals from our air, water, and food. We need to engage with the global community to meet these urgent needs and protect the health of our citizens and the planet.
“President-elect Obama campaigned on these ideas, and NRDC looks forward to working with him to move America forward.”