NRDC Stands for Free Speech Rights in RICO Lawsuit Against Greenpeace

WASHINGTON –  In a case with high stakes for the free speech rights of advocacy organizations, today a federal judge in San Francisco will consider a motion to dismiss a RICO lawsuit brought by Resolute, a Canadian logging company, against Greenpeace and The advocacy organizations have been critical of Resolute’s forestry practices in Canada’s boreal forest, one of the world’s last great forests. Resolute has responded to those critics by suing them in a U.S. court.

The following is a statement by Anthony Swift, Director of the Canada Project for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC):

“Using U.S. courts to label environmental advocacy as a criminal enterprise sets a dangerous precedent. Resolute’s lawsuit not only undermines efforts to protect Canada’s boreal forest, it threatens the free speech rights of public interest advocacy groups around the world.

“NRDC stands with Greenpeace and the other organizations embroiled in this reckless lawsuit. We also urge Resolute to drop this litigation, and instead dedicate itself to conserving the boreal forest and committing to sustainable forestry.”


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