NRDC Tool Reveals South Carolina Delegation’s Stances on Offshore Drilling

WASHINGTON – The Natural Resources Defense Council has updated a digital tool to help the public track where governors and members of Congress stand on the Trump administration’s proposal to expose nearly all of our coasts to offshore oil and gas drilling.

The following is a statement from Alexandra Adams, legislative director for the Nature program at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“The Trump administration has given every break to the oil industry, and all but shut the door to the public in crafting its plan to open nearly all of our coasts to dangerous offshore drilling.

“South Carolina’s elected officials should represent the will of people in fighting this plan, and this tool gives people a way to hold the state’s officials accountable. You can look up where South Carolina’s leaders stand, and then let others know on social media if they are fighting to protect our coasts or supporting the administration’s plan to open them to the risks of oil and gas drilling.”

Here’s what NRDC’s analysis reveals about the South Carolina delegation:

There’s still work to do to solidify opposition to Trump’s plan: Three members of South Carolina’s delegation have called upon the Trump administration to reverse course and protect its shores from offshore drilling.

But one member of Congress continues to support offshore drilling:

  • Representative Jeff Duncan

Representative Joe Cunningham, joined by Representative Tom Rice, opposes new offshore drilling only at the regional level, leaving South Carolina’s coast vulnerable to oil spills and the harms of climate change.

The following lawmaker opposes all new offshore drilling:

  • Representative James Clyburn

Click on NRDC’s digital tool, “Where Do Your Elected Officials Stand on Offshore Drilling?” to see where members of South Carolina’s delegation and other leaders across the nation stand on offshore drilling.

For more on the topic, here is a blog by NRDC’s Alexandra Adams.

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