Reckless Energy Bills Would Let Oil and Gas Industry Write the Rules

WASHINGTON (November 21, 2013) – The U.S. House this week has passed three energy bills, H.R. 1900, 1965 and 2728, that would undermine protection of public lands, stifle public engagement, rush natural gas pipeline approvals without regard for clean air and water, and weaken safety oversight of fracking. 

David Goldston, director of government affairs for the Natural Resources Defense Council, made these comments in response:

"These irresponsible measures are part of a continuing campaign by House Republicans to systematically dismantle long-time, sensible safety protections the American people depend on, and to deliberately let the oil and gas industry write its own rules. Even those who support more oil and gas drilling should be appalled.

"With an appropriate White House veto promised for each bill, they should now die in the U.S. Senate."