Representative Nesbitt Puts Clean Energy in House Crosshairs

Hearing is latest effort to gut Michigan’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards

CHICAGO (November 4, 2015) - Representative Aric Nesbitt will attempt to rush his clean energy-killing legislation out of the House committee he chairs during a hearing on Wednesday. 

Following is a statement by Ariana Gonzalez, Energy Policy Analyst for the Natural Resources Defense Council:

“Representative Nesbitt’s bill is a sure-fire way to end Michigan’s clean energy leadership.

“The bill will crush Michigan’s wildly successful legislation that has reaped billions of dollars in investments, developed thousands of clean energy jobs, and offered significant savings to the hard-working people across the state. 

“Nesbitt could be leading Michigan on energy. Instead, he’s taking sides against a cleaner and healthier energy future for Michigan families."



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