Republican Budget Plays Politics, Raises Specter of Government Shutdown

NRDC: Cutting Budget Must Not Put Our Health at Risk

WASHINGTON (February 13, 2011) -- The House Republicans’ reckless plan to cut $100 billion in government spending by Oct. 1, including a 30 per cent budget reduction for the Environmental Protection Agency, would inflict grave harm to our economy and to our health.

The following is a statement by Scott Slesinger, legislative director at the Natural Resources Defense Council:

"The meat ax approach to slashing the budget by House Republicans and their Tea Party members has moved the country a giant step closer to a government shutdown. The American people rejected this extremist, Gingrich-style approach the last time and will do so again.

"Cutting the budget must not put our health and well-being at risk. The Republican agenda is a political attack supported by Big Polluters who will continue feeding from the public trough while everybody else is being asked to sacrifice. A responsible budget would embrace a clean energy future that spurs innovation, creates jobs and continues to improve our environment.”

See NRDC’s Switchboard for Scott Slesinger’s blog, and other updates and expert analyses of the Republican budget proposal and of President Obama’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2012, to be released on Monday.