Senate Rejects Bush Administration's Attempts to Sacrifice
National Monuments for Energy Production

Statement from Wesley Warren, NRDC Senior Fellow for Environmental Economics

WASHINGTON (July 11, 2001) - Congress took two major steps today to turn back the tide of the Bush administration's relentless assault on common sense in addressing national energy needs. First, the Senate passed an amendment to the Interior appropriations bill to protect national monuments from destructive oil and gas development. Second, the House struck a provision in the Agriculture appropriations bill that has hampered government agencies from addressing climate change before the Senate ratifies the Kyoto Protocol.

These votes emphasize the fact that the Bush administration is woefully out of step with the America people on environmental issues. Congress is beginning to understand that protecting our environment is more critical than accommodating the administration's energy plan, which is based on false premises and phony solutions. We can meet our energy needs without rolling back environmental protections.

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