Vote on Lighting Efficiency a Win for Consumers, Economy, Environment

WASHINGTON (July 12, 2011) – After the House rejected a misguided attempt to repeal lighting efficiency standards, NRDC Legislative Affairs Director Scott Slesinger made the following statement:

“This vote is a victory for consumers, businesses, the environment and our health. It’s also an encouraging sign that the House is able to differentiate between facts and the misinformation that was spread widely and irresponsibly on this issue.

“We hope the House will continue to stay the course and side with the public, not with right-wing ideologues, as it votes later this week on other measures that will harm our health and environment - including a bill that will gut the Clean Water Act (H.R. 2018), and appropriations measures that will drastically roll back environmental protections.”

For more information on how the light bulb standards will save Americans $12.5 billion annually, create new jobs and cut pollution, see:

For a state-by-state breakdown of consumer savings from the lighting standards, see

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And for details on the anti-environmental riders in the appropriations bills, see: