Building Smart from the Start: Spotlight on Energy-Saving Commercial Office Building in Noida, India

As India experiences rapid urbanization and energy demand soars, constructing energy-smart buildings in the country's expanding cities is more important than ever. India's energy demand could more than double by 2027, according to the Planning Commission. Unreliable transmission, escalating electricity rates, frequent blackouts and highly polluting sources of electricity compound the energy problem and hurt businesses’ bottom line. To handle this projected growth sustainably, energy efficiency offers a huge opportunity to cut costs, save energy and build clean energy resources. By building smart from the start, business owners can reap energy and cost savings that also increase worker satisfaction and productivity as well as boost property values.

This case study highlights the former Spectral Services headquarters, an everyday office building in Noida that makes an extraordinary business case for energy efficiency -- reaping energy savings for the life of the building through measures that paid for themselves within the first four years. The Legacy-Spectral building, constructed in 2007, shows that greener, energy-saving buildings are practical and profitable in India's rapidly transforming building market and provides replicable practices to lock in cost and energy savings.

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