The Economic Benefits of Non-Conventional Renewable Energy in Chile

Chile has world-class renewable energy resources as well as a stable and strong economy coupled with significant national and international interest in developing these resources. The government’s 2012–2030 National Energy Strategy recognized the importance of renewables for a diversified, stable and prosperous energy future. But, exactly how significant should renewables be?

NRDC teamed up with the Chilean Renewable Energy Association (ACERA) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) to analyze the economic and social impacts of greater renewables deployment. Our results show that, even under very conservative assumptions, renewables would bring more benefits to Chileans than the government's "business as usual" scenario. We found that greater renewables deployment would add $1.6 billion more to the Chilean economy and 7,769 more jobs than a baseline scenario over the next 15 years. The full report and a presentation by PWC announcing the key findings are available in Spanish only. An issue brief is available in English.

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