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Keep your pets safe, by choosing your flea and tick treatments with care. NRDC checked the listed ingredients of more than a hundred flea and tick products and found that many contain toxic chemicals that could poison pets and harm people, even when applied as instructed on the box. Pick from the list below, or use the search boxes to find out about pet care products you are considering, which chemicals they contain and the level of risk they may pose. All products have been sorted into one of three potential risk levels. When chemical control is necessary, avoid the most toxic chemicals by selecting a product marked with one crossed-out paw. For more information, see Nontoxic Ways to Protect Your Pet.

Please note that while this table attempts to provide a reasonably comprehensive and accurate look at the insecticides most commonly found in pet flea control products, it does not claim to be an exhaustive list of products nor should it be used as such. New products are introduced regularly and many companies make multiple products with different chemicals. Pet owners should take care to examine the active ingredients in all flea control products they buy.


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