Fracking: Community Defense

Communities around the country are confronting an explosion in hydraulic fracturing—commonly known as “fracking”—and other controversial extraction techniques for oil and natural gas that are linked to air pollution, water contamination, and public health issues. For too long, these communities have had little or no defense against the companies that come in and start fracking without regard for its impact on the place or the people who live in it. Iflocal citizens don’t want fracking, or want to restrict it, their voices should be heard and respected. NRDC’s Community Fracking Defense Campaign defends that right. The Community Fracking Defense Campaign combines the grassroots power of communities with the expertise of NRDC’s policy and legal team. Our goal is to support communities as they fight fracking in their backyards while empowering others to protect their health, environment, and way of life from fracking. We help residents and local leaders craft effective local anti-fracking laws, defend those laws in court, and take other steps to preserve and protect community rights and local control.

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