Guide to Recycling Green Teams at Sports Venues

Recycling Green Teams are a fan-friendly, cost-effective, and innovative approach that enhances the collection of recyclable containers at sports events. Setting up a Recycling Green Team is valuable because when it comes to effectively collecting recyclables at sports venues (or anywhere), we need to use every tool in the tool box. The movement to reduce reliance on landfills and waste combustors is international, and the concept of "zero waste," once merely a dreamer's aspiration, is now a rallying cry throughout North America and Europe. This NRDC Guide is designed to help all teams and leagues that aspire to achieve a "zero waste" operation learn from NRDC's unparalleled hands-on experience setting up Recycling Green Teams at some of the most visible and important sports events in the world, including the World Series, professional league all-star games, and the US Open tennis championships, and at many regular-season games as well.

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