How Would You Spend $10 Billion to Improve Water Supply Reliability in California?

The California Department of Water Resources has proposed to spend at least $10 billion of water ratepayer funds on “WaterFix,” an environmentally destructive project that would drain water from the San Francisco Bay-Delta. However, there are proven, alternative water supply investments that will restore the health of the Bay-Delta, increase the reliability of California’s water supply, and provide additional local and regional benefits. California also faces urgent, multi-billion dollar needs to maintain and repair existing and aging water infrastructure. Paying for WaterFix would divert funds away from these projects.

This fact sheet highlights a wide variety of projects proposed by California water providers. Unlike WaterFix, these projects allow us to increase water supply reliability, reduce diversions from the Bay-Delta, create thousands of well-paid jobs in local communities, and improve regional water security in the face of climate change and threats of natural disasters. 

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