Installing Turbo Fladry: An Informational Guide

Credit: NRDC

Reducing the risk of wolf predation on livestock is key to ensuring both people and wolves can thrive throughout wild and working lands. Turbo fladry is a relatively simple fencing tool designed to protect livestock from wolves, usually consisting of bright-red nylon flags that are sewn onto a long strand of woven plastic and metal wire that is capable of conducting an electrical current. This type of temporary electric fencing works because wolves are instinctively fearful of the motion of the flags and will receive a shock if they eventually become bold enough to approach and touch the electrified wire. When used correctly, turbo fladry is a highly effective tool for preventing wolf predation.

Ranchers across many states with wolf presence have incorporated turbo fladry into their livestock operations, including in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, California, Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. NRDC is working to increase support for ranchers who are interested in this tool, and to ensure that best practices for installing turbo fladry are maintained as demand increases. This informational guide explains how turbo fladry works, what materials are needed and where they can be purchased. The guide also includes step-by-step instructions to installing turbo fladry.

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