Vote No on the House “Dirty Air Acts”

Three Reasons to Maintain the Clean Air Act as a Strong Tool to Protect Us From Global Warming

The Clean Air Act has protected Americans from dangerous air pollution for 40 years. It has saved hundreds of thousands of lives and protected our lakes, forests, and other natural treasures from untold damage. Now it is time to rely on this landmark law to help protect us from global warming. Doing so requires nothing but to do what we have done for other kinds of pollution: follow the science, act when pollution endangers our health and welfare, and use available and affordable technology to clean up the largest pollution sources—vehicles, power plants, and big factories. The Moran-Blackburn, Pomeroy, and Skelton dirty air proposals would dismantle the protections we have and replace them with nothing. Congress should reject these ill-designed proposals and pass comprehensive climate and energy legislation to complement the practical, effective, and affordable public health protection provided by the Clean Air Act.

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