Food Matters: Food Waste

How and why 40 percent of our food goes uneaten.
Personal Action

Your freezer could be the secret to keeping ingredients fresh, saving money, and reducing food waste.

NRDC in Action

NRDC scientist Dana Gunders has written the book on the mounting problem of food waste.

Personal Action

With minimal effort, you can turn those banana peels and apple cores into gold. Let us break it down.

Action Figure

Jeff Schacher knew that restaurants waste food. And that people are hungry. So he invented a tech-savvy way to rescue millions of meals.

onEarth Story

A pop-up restaurant gives trash-bound food a place at the table.

Southeast Dispatch

In Music City, restaurateurs, grocers, farmers, volunteers, and the mayor are beginning to harmonize in the fight against wasted food.

Personal Action

Learn to trust yourself more and worry less about the date labels on your food.

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